Ugly is Beautiful Album-Oliver Tree

Ugly is Beautiful Album-Oliver Tree was released on July 17, 2020. Looking for the new album name Ugly is Beautiful? Then stay with us, in this blog we have provided the Full album with lyrics. Below is the song list with lyrics. Let’s jump straight to it.

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  1. Me, Myself & I Lyrics
  2. 1993 (Ft. Lil Ricky ZR3) Lyrics
  3. Cash Machine Lyrics
  4. Let Me Down Lyrics
  5. Miracle Man Lyrics
  6. Bury Me Alive Lyrics
  7. Alien Boy Lyrics
  8. Joke’s on You! Lyrics
  9. Again & Again Lyrics
  10. Waste My Time Lyrics
  11. Jerk Lyrics
  12. Hurt Lyrics
  13. Introspective Lyrics
  14. I’m Gone Lyrics

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