More Than Just Music: Trips for Music Lovers

Celine Dion in Vegas? The Lion King on Broadway? A luau in Hawaii? Been there. Done that. There are more places to find music than the tired clichés of cookie cutter vacations. Check out these four showstopper trips for music lovers!

road trips for music lovers

This one time, at band camp…

Chicago is a dazzling city full of history, adventure and music. You can plan a trip that has you enjoying classical strings over a gourmet dinner, rubbing elbows with big names at The House of Blues, or dancing the night away at a trendy club. You can also take just a few hours of your day to volunteer with Girl’s Rock Chicago. This organization helps to empower young women by hosting weeklong day camps where attendees form bands, write songs, and perform at a real concert. No need to be a professional, the camp does utilize volunteers with musical talent, but there is plenty of work for those who can’t carry a tune as well. Find out more at

Walking in Memphis

With the Mississippi River, Elvis Presley, Bar-B-Que and the Blues, Memphis has it all. Their annual Beale Street Music Festival packs the streets with music and BBQ lovers alike. If you can’t travel during the festival, don’t worry, the clubs and restaurants on Beale Street are alive all year round, serving up good food and good tunes.

Follow the Leader

Deadheads made band following famous, but the tradition of road tripping along side a musical act hasn’t faded away with Jerry Garcia. Many smaller bands travel in vans playing in a different city every night. In addition to hearing your favorite music, there is always time to see more of the countryside as you travel. A great band to follow is the almost constantly touring, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Though they get around the country almost twice a year, the best place to follow this southwestern rock show is through their home turf in Arizona, winding up at their annual celebration, Circus Mexicus in Rocky Point, Mexico. Check out RCPM’s schedule at, or research your own favorite band’s tour dates and plan a road trip to show your support!

If You’re Going to San Francisco…

Be sure to check out their music scene. The city by the bay has so much more to offer than the Golden Gate Bridge. has tons of information on what’s happening in this colorful town. Their music section also has a wonderful search feature that lets you simply click on a day and it lists shows, DJ’s, festivals, and other events going on throughout the city. This city has also been praised for having some of the best cocktails in America! So grab a friend, grab a drink and check out the concert finder at

Take these trip ideas and find your own musical hot spots. Pick a date, pick a sound, pick a town; all you need is your love of music to find a great vacation.

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