EXP 3 Lyrics-A-Reece

A-Reece-EXP 3 Lyrics was released on September 16, 2020. The song is produced by MashBeatz.

Looking for the lyrics of EXP 3? Then stay with us, in this blog we have provided the lyrics of the new song 2020. Let’s jump straight to it.

EXP 3 Lyrics-A-Reece


[Verse]You can count on me to make a masterpiece
Make your master tip his hat for me
Turn your life into a William Shakespeare tragedy
Bitch i’m well [?] in this faculty
Niggas know I scorch microphones, I only choke on Marijuana smoke
I’m far from just a common folk
You can be a causality
My relatives are not my only family
If you ain’t certified you can not ask for me
You living in a virtual reality
They describe my self esteem as border line vanity
Your whole discography is just a fallacy
You can count on me to make a masterpiece
Bitch, Of course the formula is Mash and mе
It had to be

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