Why Playing in an Orchestra is Good for Your Child

Extracurricular activities are often encouraged from a very young age in school children. It teaches them to have fun, make long lasting bonds with other children, teaches the discipline needed to improve at whatever it is they choose to do, and how to work in a team. Playing in an orchestra is one such extracurricular […]

Visit Miami Winter Music Conference once in your lifetime.

The Miami Winter Music Conference (or ‘WMC’) is an annual festival of dance music that takes place each year under the warm Miami sun. The conference first began in 1985 but since then has grown to become one of the most respected events on the dance music scene. The WMC provides an opportunity for some […]

10 Annoying and Impossible Karaoke Songs!

Karaoke is a global, unstoppable phenomenon whether one likes it or not. All over the world people descend on karaoke nights to give their best, often painful rendition of their favourite songs. But are there some songs that should just never be attempted? Unless of course you do happen to be Mariah Carey or a professional […]