Amazing grace lyrics-John Newton (hymn)

Amazing grace lyrics is a  Christian hymn song published in 1779 by John Newton. This Hymn was written to illustrate a sermon on New Year’s Day of 1773. “Amazing grace lyrics” Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,  That saved a wretch; like me!I once was lost, but now am found,  Was blind, but now I see. Twas […]

Hallelujah lyrics-Leonard Cohen

Hallelujah lyrics by Leonard Cohen was recorded on June 1984 and released on December 1984. This song was for his album called Various positions. The genre of the song is folk rock. hope you guys like it. “Hallelujah song lyrics” Now I’ve heard there was a secret chordThat David played, and it pleased the LordBut […]

Queen bohemian rhapsody lyrics

Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics was released on October 31, 1975. This was the most expensive single in 1975. Bohemian Rhapsody is about relationship. Hope you enjoy this lyrics. “Lyrics to bohemian rhapsody” Is this the real life?Is this just fantasy?Caught in a landslide,No escape from reality. Open your eyes,Look up to the skies and see,I’m just […]