10 Annoying and Impossible Karaoke Songs!

Karaoke is a global, unstoppable phenomenon whether one likes it or not. All over the world people descend on karaoke nights to give their best, often painful rendition of their favourite songs. But are there some songs that should just never be attempted? Unless of course you do happen to be Mariah Carey or a professional musician which while very plausible is not going to account for 99.9% of people.

Karaoke Songs

1.       Frank Sinatra-New York, New York.

You are not and will never be Frank Sinatra! Only one man can sing this record and his name….is Frank Sinatra. Even if you do manage to sing it perfectly you will still bore the holy hell out of the room. Leave well alone. To put into perspective quite what a legend Sinatra was, there was an unofficial album made combining Sinatra and Biggie Smalls and you know what; it worked!

2.       Whitney Houston-I Will Always Love You.

Again unless you are Whitney Houston, or a singer of similar renown, its best to leave this well alone. Very few people would be able to hit those high notes and if you can’t, you will end up looking like a car crash with the entire bar laughing at you. For karaoke to work the singer must at least have a chance of doing a plausible version of their chosen song.

3.       Journey-Don’t Stop Believing

This incredibly annoying record was thankfully long forgotten until it was resurrected courtesy of Glee, Thanks. Now it is probably better known and played than at any point in its history. Hence if you sing this at karaoke be prepared for a combination of hatred and the complete hijack of your song by the rest of the audience through a spontaneous sing-along.

4.       B 52’s-Love Shack

Just an incredibly dumb record with a stupid video and stupid lyrics. A Karaoke staple however, if you’re performing with friends. Not only are the majority of friends’ harmonies likely to not be harmony, but this song literally goes on and on and requires little ability to sing, thus the results are generally abysmal. On the plus side though you can remember why you hated this song all over again.

5.       Sinead O’Connor-Nothing Compares 2U

Firstly karaoke, if anything, should be a laugh and fun. This song is utterly depressing and will cause a nuclear shift in the room’s mood. Never ever, ever should anybody sing this in public! Furthermore the only reason you would sign or listen to this is to dig up the past, either publicly or in your mind, so what is the point? I would bet money this song receives more boo’s than any other.

6.       Wham-Club Tropicana

Anyone who sings this is a complete jackass. Damn you George Michael for inflicting this on the world. At least George could sing, personally not my cup of tea anyway, but for someone to try and sing this at a karaoke night, considering all the other songs they could have chosen, would worry me immensely. There were some good songs in the 80s; this was not one!

7.       Aqua-Barbie Girl

Without a doubt one of the most ridiculous record ever devised! Nobody actually likes this record if you do may I suggest a trip to the doctor! If you wish to inflict this on an audience then I applaud your bravery, nothing more. I can think of few other songs that would merit such a response of drinks being thrown and raucous booing. If you sing this I pretty much guarantee you will leave the bar soon after, hanging your head in shame.

8.       Albino Black Sheep-Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Not that I condone assaulting people but if you were to choose to sing this at a karaoke night then a severe physical assault is probably on the cards. Think flying glasses and a stage invasion. I stand corrected this is the worst, most annoying, stupid, ghastly record ever created! It’s so bad I can’t even bring myself to talk about it. LEAVE WELL ALONE PLEASE.

9.       Adele-Someone like you

Again Adele is a phenomenal talent, how often have you heard someone cover this record and genuinely liked it? Rarely at best! Bear in mind I’m talking about professional singers here. It’s her unique voice and emotion that makes this record as amazing as it is. Now think of some drunken idiot trying to sing the same record and it’s almost a crime against music. Some records should never have the ignominy of being an option for karaoke. This is one.

10.   Bonnie Tyler-Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Another shocker from the 80s that people feel compelled to resurrect. The original version is 7 minutes long! While the radio version is almost 5 minutes long! If you’re unfortunate to have the longer version performed in front of you by any Bonnie Tyler wannabes, I think pulling the plug is acceptable you’ll probably receive more cheers than boos.

So there you have it; the 10 most annoying and impossible to sing karaoke songs. If you think I’ve forgotten any obvious songs please comment below.


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